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Thursday, June 23, 2011


This weather isn't so bad if the air conditioner is working, and you don't think about what is happening outside your four walls.  Temperatures have been over a 100 for quite some time, and we have wind nearly every day.  I took a few pictures hoping to show some of the damage this drouth, heat, fire and wind has done.   This pasture is between Midland and Andrews County.  The mesquites are burned and the charred vegetation on the ground has been blown out.  I saw a roustabout crew working on a cattle guard while it was about 105, and those boys sure looked hot!
Since all the grass and brush are gone, the pastures are blowing.

In some pastures the mesquites are coming up from the roots--fire doesn't kill them.

We had a promising looking cloud the other evening, and I was so hoping and praying for rain.  There were a few drops of rain, and a whole lot of sand.  This is a picture of the water tower during that sandstorm.  If you look closely you can see the mustang on the tower!

I took this picture of the street just a few minutes before taking the shot of the water tower.

As a result of all this dirt and smoke we do have spectacular sunsets out here in this burned off desert.  I tried to capture some of the color, but my camera just doesn't do the job.  The sun was going down like a huge red-orange ball, and the sky was red-orange and violet--absolutely beautiful.

When we get rain I will be sure to send pictures!  
One week later--look at all this green!  Fooled Ya!  This isn't West Texas.  I took this through the window of the pickup as Bob and I were whizzing through the southern part of Nebraska heading for home.  He had a bid meeting in Beatrice, Nebraska and I tagged along.    
I just want to do a contrast here for you--Andrews County and Beatrice, Nebraska.  So, when you say your prayers don't forget to ask for rain for us, because we are burned up and blowing away (it will be 105+ today, again). 

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