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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 17, 2009...

will always be a special day for us--our first grandbaby arrived that morning in Odessa. He is just amazing, and even though he was big (8' 2"), he is so small! We finally had to tear ourselves away and go eat. China-Mex is good! Odessa has some really good places to eat, and if you are hungry for Mexican food, go to Odessa. It was a beautiful fall day. I took this from the 7th floor of the hospital as we were leaving.
Here I am with the baby when he got to his home. Isn't he little?
This is me and our Baby Robert when he was about two weeks old. Mom took this picture the first part of July in 1980 in Jayton when she and my dad were down to see their new grandson. We have come a full circle--our son is now a dad!
Friends will have to go to my Face Book page to see the rest of the pictures. We are very blessed to have a healthy grandchild with healthy, loving parents, and that is what I am most thankful for this year (along with about a million other things). I am off the entire week, and loving every second of it. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


  1. Congratulations Rosie! How exciting! I love the similar pose of mom and gram! Maybe someday you adn Marina can bring the baby to CUPS to play with Ari, Angus, Alli, and Gwen!

  2. I hope we can do that. Thanks for the invite!

  3. That Rhys DOES look JUST like Robert did, as a baby!!! Yes, bring the boy to Montana for CUPS. We haven't made those pickle/cream cheese/ham rollups since you were here.

    (You don't really look that much older than the picture with Robert Wayne Stanaland, you know. Talk about aging gracefully...)

  4. I, too, liked both pictures! You are so young! Talk about aging gracefully! I love it!! Just come to Montana and bring the baby. Cowboy and I figured that as soon as he is "big" enough to travel, he will be coming with Grandma B. to the ranch in Montana!!