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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


This is new to me.  I am originally from Eastern Montana, land of wide open spaces, sparse population, with miles and miles of ranch and farm land.  Now, I live in West Texas with wide open spaces, a little more population,  and larger cities.  About the only type of industry is a cotton gin; and  a refinery here and there.  This is blast furnace for a steel mill.  The minute I saw it,  Atlas Shrugged popped into  my mind.

 This is the AK Steel plant at Ashland, Kentucky, and it is on "hot idle," meaning that it isn't totally shut down.  There are about 200 people working here.  Sadly, 600 people were laid off in December 2015 (why do lay offs seem to happen in December?).
 I love industry!!!  Real wealth is created by production, and I just feel warm and happy inside when I see a gin running full blast with a cloud of dirt billowing out of it, or when I see the lights of an oil rig when I am driving home at night.  I feel the same way when I see calves with their mamas out in a pasture.  So, I hope this plant can go back to work soon.  When I worked for Troy Construction I found that Troy did not use Chinese steel or Mexican steel, because it was so unreliable;  we cannot afford to have a pipe rupture or a valve go bad.

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