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Friday, August 5, 2016


I was running around Ashland, taking pictures for a blog on Ashland Historical tour and found the neatest boutique on Carter Street not far from the Methodist Church and the First Church of Christ, Scientist.
This is a store for ladies, sorry guys, you are out of luck here ...unless you want to buy the lady in your life something that is outstanding, and I urge you to do so!   Dresses, skirts, scarves are all unusual and very classy.

The building is so beautiful!  This is the oldest condo in Ashland and was built in the early 1900s.  Owner, Carolyn Runyon opened November 17, 1992.  This is just one example of some of the beautiful wood in the building.

This shop is such a pleasant change from the huge stores in the mall with massive amounts of clothing to sort through.  This is my idea of shopping.

Carlolyn is the only Brighton dealer in town, and don't you just love these sandals?
More Brighton.
This is the front room of the store with a beautiful bay window.
The entry of the store.
Carolyn lives upstairs--there are four floors, and she uses the top floor for storage.

Carolyn let me take pictures of her home, and it is something out of a magazine.  She re-did the third floor for her mother, and it is just as fabulous as the second floor.  I didn't take pictures of it. And I didn't take photos of every room, but you get the idea.
The original sink.
I dream of having a bathtub like this!
The pedestal sink is original and just gorgeous.
Carolyn was in medical administration before she became a boutique owner.  She said she always wanted a business of her own, and she and her daughter-in-law saw this house and bid on it.  Her daughter-in-law owned a business and with her know-how  helped Carolyn get started.  They went to Charleston and Lexington to look at clothing and decide which  designers they liked before going to market.  Then they flew to New York to market.   She said she nearly sold out during the first season because she had no idea how much to buy.   She said the business has been very rewarding and she has never regretted her leap into a totally new vocation.  Carolyn, you are a brave woman!

More gorgeous wood!
The front porch of A Boutique.
Leaded glass and original door.
The outside is so inviting that one cannot resist stopping in, and there is a sale!

Potter Law Firm is in the condo next door.  Isn't this just an amazing building?
If you have looked at my blog, you know I am practically obsessed with antique houses, and this is one of my favorites.  The fashions inside make it even more enticing.  Thank you Carolyn for taking time to tell me about your life.

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  1. Ooooohhhhh, I can see you doing a shop like this!
    You MUST. I'll come help you get it set up.
    The outfit on the front porch, the bejeweled shoes...I'm in love!