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Monday, June 27, 2016


Fixing, doing, and updating a 50 year old house is taking a long time.  I moved in here in 2010, and then Bobby and I went to Pennsylvania for a couple of years, then to Abilene to work.  So doing curtains and everything else has taken a long time.  

Today I crossed the last thing off my to-do list--cornice boards.  My mother-in-law put up hand made drapes about 30+ years ago.  She had some drapery outfit out of Snyder do them and there is no way anyone could afford to replace them today.  It was amazing how much hand stitching went into each drape.  After all this time and the many sandstorms,  they were rotten and dirty, so I took all of them down and slowly but surely made curtains (something that is washable).  She had cloth covered cornice boards in one bedroom to match the drapes, so I tore all the fabric and padding off, and sanded the glue off.  Finally I am done painting them. 

Some day I may re-do them, but for right now they are as done as they will ever be.  I love color.

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