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Thursday, April 7, 2016

NEW SHOES! Horse shoes, that is.

Time flies when you retire!  When I was home in September 2015,  I went with Cowboy to take horses for new shoes, and here I am just now getting a blog together.  Here are the "men", as Cowboy calls them, waiting for their turn.

 Cowboy and Gene talking about everything, not just horse shoes.

 I am telling you!  That is a nice looking butt!  I am talking about the sorrel horse.
 Yes, you!  You are next to get new shoes.
 Gene Messer shoes horses at his place outside of Roundup, Montana.
 He used to come to the ranch, but people would hear that he was in a certain location and start hauling horses in for him to do.  Soon he was overloaded.

 Now, you make an appointment to get horses shod.
 Penny was along for the trip, and here she is enjoying the "good stuff" that Gene cleaned out of the hooves.  Dogs really love the trimmings, especially trimmings from the frog.
 Penny is ready to roll it up and go home, but we left the horses and went to Billings for a few errands.  When we came back "the men" were shod and ready to head home.
This was a fun trip.  Thanks Cowboy!

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  1. Cowboy's SweetheartApril 22, 2016 at 8:41 AM

    That is a good blog! Thanks!