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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


On October 17, 2015, I made a trip to Lamesa, Texas for the Love Conference at the Methodist Church.  My dear friend, Jackie Hahn and her Grace Ladies put it together.  If you didn't get to attend--I am sorry.  Plan to go next year and be blessed!

Ann Devnam, Sarah Dotson, and Norma Thomas
Pam Vogler and Joy Barkowsky.  Pam graduated Lamesa High with Jackie.
Dorothy  Evans
Janelise Bowman greeted everyone and got names for door prizes.
Sound crew was Mike Hughes and Stacy Leonard.
Ann Devnam, Maria Aguirre, and Gloria Garcia
Gloria and Jackie Hahn
Maria, Jackie, and Gloria worked hard to make this program a success.
There were lots of goodies to go with the pulled pork, slaw, and the trimmings.
God can take the broken, shameful pieces of our life and put them together like a stained glass window to let His love shine through to the world.
Norma and Sarah
Everything was pink, and I hear that next year, yellow will be the color for the conference.
Angie Owen and Bertha Fretwell
Mary Lou Peterson and Betty Swearingen
Lamesa ladies dress to the nines, their nails are beautifully manicured and their hair is always done.
Just some of the attendees.
Norma, Ann and Maria

This is a great photo of Norma!

Roxie Seymour
The praise music was wonderful.  Shelley Barron and Amanda Jones were first.
Michelle Martens and Esther Miller

Jackie Hahn
Daphne Delay was our incredible speaker.  She has published Facing the Mirror, Finding a Self to Live With.
Daphne told us about her life and how God mended it.
Then she blessed each lady individually.

Daphne and Jackie

Thanks to the Grace Women for an inspirational and blessed day.  Plan to come next year everyone.
Good food and fun fellowship.
The meal was the last thing on the agenda, and right after the drawings for door prizes.  There were many prizes, and every lady went home with a registration gift and most got a door prize.  Thanks for such a wonderful day.

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