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Monday, April 20, 2015


I was counting the days until I could go to a sea food supper right here in Abilene with my husband, Bobby.  He had to go  to a bid meeting in Cheyenne on Wednesday, and was scheduled to be back on Friday, so everything was going to work just fine.  Cheyenne had snow Wednesday night, but I wasn't worried.  This was just one of those spring storms and the sun would be out the next day.  NOT!  Bobby couldn't get a flight out on Friday.  I had my fingers crossed Saturday morning, and thank the Lord, he got a flight to Denver, and was #1 on standby out of Dallas to Abilene.  He made it with a few hours to spare, and we did get to go to the crawdad feed out at the Commemorative Air Force hanger.

Brianna Chesser and the gang planned the event as a fund raiser for their Texas Tech Pharmacy School fraternity.
There were all kinds of opportunities for drawings.  These students have been busy contacting businesses for donations.
Delilah brought her dog to help, and he licked her friend's face just as I took the photo.  I asked Delilah what they were going to use all this money for, and she said part of it would go to their charity, St. Jude's, and then the rest will be used for educational conferences.
I just had to get a picture of that blue eye!
There was a good crowd, and these are just a few of the participants--crawdads are sort of a novelty out here in West Texas.
Bobby Stanaland enjoying the refreshments before the supper.
The cooks are James Fountain and Craig Chesser.  Craig is over safety at the Troy Construction office in Abilene, and James has a restaurant called Oceanwide Seafood at Nellysford, Virginia.  He is also a wholesaler for other restaurants.
The weather was beautiful and the music was fine.
The food was yummy!  Thanks Phi Delta Chi; I think you need to make this an annual event.

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