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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

KM 323 at Hawley, PA September 9, 2013

Mr. Wayne Pierce had to leave the Central job near Kingsley, PA, and run another Kinder Morgan job at Hawley, PA.  Bobby and I stayed at the Central job along with Mr. Dave Theis, and Tommy Stanaland and the rest of the crew.    We took off from work to join the Hawley crew for a safety
 James Fountain, safety man, and Ron Morrison who worked in the office ordering and putting purchase orders into the system called View Point.  View Point was very similar to RSCCC that we used in the Texas schools.
 Ron Morrison, Mr. Wayne Pierce, and Bobby Stanaland (with his back to the camera).
Mr. Wayne, Alberto Perez (brown hard hat), and Bobby.
Victor Contreras, chief Bar-B-Qer, pipe foreman, hydro-tester, and just about anything else.
Cameron and Charlie Rohan, were the mechanics.  Their headquarters was the shop at Montrose.
Miss Clara Wasserman on the right was the security person at the gate.  She was always jumping up to sign trucks and pickups in and out of the job site.
Safety vests and hard hats are a requirement for all who come on the site.
Harold Hamm (straw hat), welding foreman; Bobby Stanaland (Troy cap), and Mark Prejean (blue shirt, white hard hat), welder.  Doug worked for EIU (frown helmet).   Harold is wearing his new jacket.
Troy Construction gave us all new Carhart jackets like Harold is wearing for a safe productive job.
The guys were pretty proud of these jackets, and I am proud of mine.
Here is the crew.
The only people I know here are Wes Ussery (second from left, back row), and Jorge Ardila, who worked in the office and is a crane operator (third row, brown hard hat).
I do not know a soul in this picture except Jorge back row, far left.
More Troy men.  Efrain Zavala kneeling and wearing a blue do-rag.
 Antioco Lopez (middle row, mustache, black shirt), Harold Ham (straw hat),  Efrain Zavala bottom left with blue do-rag.
 Miss Clara Wasserman is middle row, far right with no hard hat.  Doug, with EIU, bottom far right.
 Adrian Potillo is next to Doug (brown hard hat), Bobby Stanaland is behind Miss Clara.
Bobby (back row, far left), Adrian Portillo bottom left, no hard hat (his wife, Kelly, was the clerk at North East when I worked at Snake Creek).  Alberto Perez, middle row with brown hard hat, and next to him is Victor Contreras.
 Ms. Brenda Pierce, clerk, and Mr. Wayne Pierce (yellow shirt) superintendent.  As of today they are retired from the construction business.
 Mr. Christopher Dreyton, safety, and James Fountain, safety.  I got to work with Drey at Snake Creek and at Central.  He is a very smart and interesting man.
My husband, Bobby, and my dear friend Miss Clara Wasserman.  It was a nice warm day--too warm for Carharts, but we will get plenty of opportunities to wear them later.  The guys and gals enjoy a nice Bar-B-Q and they deserve it for working so hard and doing it safely.

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