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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I nearly missed it--the parade downtown.  My next door neighbor, Lindsey, and I piled in the car and headed for the main drag in Tunkhannock.  Luckily we found a nice parking spot the first try, and walked to Tioga Street.  We had good view, even had a place to sit, but I stood out in the street taking pictures until my arm got tired.  Here goes, just photos, because I don't know much about this place yet.  I am learning, though.
Here they come down Tioga Street!
Veterans were first in the parade.
I think this vet (front, far right) was trying to boss me around at the gym a day or two before the parade.  I ignored him.
Here is a better picture of him.  Oops, maybe he recognized me?
More vets.
Politicians running for office are always in parades.  I think I might vote for this one if I was a resident. Bobeck is for cutting taxes, and NRA.
This is a WWII vet riding in style, and that's the way they should ride.

More old time vets.
Now, here is a classic that I like!
Are these  model As?

This looks like a nice safe motorcycle.
The proud Tiger marching band out of school for a little while.
I love marching bands; this is a good one.  Hats off to the band teachers and kids.
The drum line was good, love it, love it, love it.
Drums are good just by themselves.  We used the drum line for the intro at freshman orientation at Andrews High School.  The cadence puts chills down my spine.
The Tiger Band.  Thanks for a great job (and orange and black are the colors of GCHS).
Don't forget the prom, folks.
Hunts for Healing was founded in 2009 right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  The idea is to give returning vets a chance to be outdoors, hunt and heal from within.  The folks in this area are big hunters.  In fact, schools in the Montrose area shut down the first day of deer season.  They know that attendance will be pitiful and they will lose money.  So, shut the doors and let the kids hunt.  Gosh, and PA is soooo close to NY where they ban guns!

The little ones are so sweet, and just think--it won't be long until they may be in the military themselves.

Here come the firemen!

The firehouse dog loved the parade.  It was a pretty warm day, and this doggie needs a drink.

There is a lot of water in this area and I am sure this part of the rescue service gets called out pretty often.

OOOO!  I would like to have this car.
Scouting on parade.  Which type of Girl Scouts wear turquoise?   I thought they wore brown uniforms.

Girl Scouts.
More scouts.
The lodges turned out today.
At one time I heard that Blacks were not allowed to be Masons, and in order to become a Shriner you have to be a Mason, so here is proof (in living color) that Blacks are allowed to be Masons!
I think my friend Jackie Hahn belonged to Rebeka Lodge
This pup was riding in a bicycle basket and still panting, probably from excitement.
Elementary twirlers learning the drill.

Cheerleaders in the making.

Here come the Methodists!

There are lots of ticks in this country and lyme disease is a danger.  

Relay for Life
Relay for Life
Daughters of the American Revolution

Junior Fair Queen candidates
There are always old tractors in the parades, and I just can't resist taking pictures.
The Middle School has a great band.
More proof that blacks are Masons.
I am not sure where these Shriners are from.  There is a Shriners Children's Hospital in Philadelphia.

Bikers trying to control their Harley's.

Beads and Baubles is one of the gift stores downtown Tunkhannock.
Remembering the fallen.
Tunkhannock has lost two brave soldiers.

Little League boys.
More Little Leaguers.

There are lots of Little League teams around here.
That's all folks.
The parade seemed endless.  It is so good to see all the work and support for veterans  in these little towns here in the US.   I don't care what anyone says, the people in the United States are the most caring and giving people in the world.  Happy birthday US.

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