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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Ann Davenport took me to the Fiber Festival in Harford, PA.  I have never seen so much beautiful yarn, or spinning wheels, or alpacas in one place.  You must go!
Sheep dog demonstrations--it is mazing how intense these little dogs are, and how good they are.
The most fascinating thing I saw was the angora rabbit demonstration.  Here is the rabbit just sitting in the chair while the owner waited on a customer.   People were milling all around.  He just sat there not afraid of anything.
Here is the lady, rabbit cradled in her lap, spinning the fur.  She would stop, and  stroke more fur out of the bunny, spin it.  I was amazed that she could spin such fine fur so easily.  They say these rabbits are really nice pets, very gentle.  Their fur looks kind of messy, like they need brushing.
Here is an apricot colored angora.  Wouldn't this be a pretty sweater?

And here is a grey one.  I am fascinated with the bunnies!

This lady buys old machines, and refurbishes them for felting machines.  So, If you want a felting machine, you can contact her.  I saw her at the Farmers' Market with tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, potatoes, and other produce.  She offered to let me come to her house to can salsa.   Basswood is the name of the business and the phone number on her card is 570-934-2288.  Thanks.

Alpacas have such a soft fleece; I wore alpaca socks last winter and they were so soft, warm and kept my feet nice and dry.  They say if you are going to belong to the alpaca association, you must have a store for your wares.  That sounds reasonable considering how much yarn there was there.
This is a different spinning wheel--so compact, and look at her socks!

There were lots of traditional spinning wheels there too.  Such talent.

I am so proud to see a teenager spinning, even though it is faux alpaca!
The owners love their animals, and the animals love their owners.  Alpaca kisses are sweet!

Such big eyes!
When you are bored, nervous, stressed, just eat!  This is Lady the llama.
We ended the trip with a maple syrup sundae, topped with walnuts.  The hornet was determined to get his share!
I hope everyone who is a fiber lover gets to go to this festival.  The colors are beautiful and you will see such pretty faces!

Thanks, Ann.  I loved the trip, and learned so much.

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