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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Everyone told me that the 4th is a big deal in Montrose, a quiet, tiny little town in Eastern Pennsylvania.    They kept telling me there wouldn't be a place to park, and 18,000+ new bodies would swarm the place.  I didn't believe it until today, when I had to park behind the Catholic Church about half a mile away from the action.

The parade was long, and there are lots of people from New York there. The  kids lined the streets waiting for the candy!

The Ronald McDonald wagon was there along with Ronald himself.

Here is just some of the crowd, and the Ronald McDonald Van going by in the background.
More kids and lots of red, white and blue.
 This is the crowd down at the green, a park across from the courthouse.  Montrose is the county seat of Susquehanna County.
 Dairies are still a big part of agriculture here in PA, and here are the Dairy Maids.  I didn't see any ice cream for sale, darn it.
 The Shriner Band, from Dallas, PA was having fun playing for the crowd.

These kids were part of the Old Mill Village float, and they are so cute.
 There were plenty of dogs on the grounds,
 with their tales wagging and tongues licking.
I wish I had more pictures of the fancy cars in the parade.

There are those who are opposed to drilling and fracking, and they were right there in the parade, and then trying to convince folks on the street that that all this oil boom is bad stuff.
 All I can say is--I don't think this oil and gas business is going away, and  Montrose has certainly flourished  from it.
So, New York, if you don't want to get fracked that's fine with us--get your solar heaters out next winter.  I wish we would have whipped a Troy Construction float together, and got in the parade.  That way things would have been "fair and balanced," and lots of fun, too.  If we are here next year, we will do it.
 Here is what I bought--a cutting board made by S&J WOODCRAFTS from Canton, PA.  This is a wedding present for kids back in Knox City, Texas, and the biscuit cutter is made from cherry wood.   I am going to keep it because I still make biscuits from scratch.
I controlled my buying because of the long trudge back to the car with about 80% humidity and 90 degree temperature.   We just aren't used to this "hot" weather here in PA.  It's been about 60 degrees and raining everyday.   
I ended my trip at the car behind the Catholic Church, and was reminded Who is really  in control of this universe.

Happy 4th of July--we live in the best country on this planet.  Let's do everything it takes to keep it that way, and I do firmly believe that means keeping God at the center of everything.  Blessings.

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