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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


If you haven't been to the Science Spectrum, you need to make it a priority.  It's hands on, and that is the best way for kids to learn anything.  Teachers can teach the physics lesson and then the kids can actually experience the lesson at the Spectrum.  

Rhys is looking at a huge model of a dinosaur.
Look!  This floor has examples of motion, and Rhys is all about motion.
And he loves things that blink, light up, so this lightening exhibit is pretty interesting.
Rhys gets right into the acceleration demo.
Sound waves!  There was plenty of noise in this exhibit because Rhys wasn't the only scholar there.
Levers and gears--just what a boy likes.
Rhys really got into the shopping experience.
"Hey girl, can I borrow that?"
Now, here is something fun.
A roller coaster in doors.
Rhys even got to do the news.  Here he is on the TV screen.
Waiting for the advertisement to end so he can get on with the sound bite.
It is more fun to mess with the buttons and knobs.
We went to the butterfly exhibit, and saw some beautiful butterflies.  They were so active I couldn't get a picture of them in flight, and I couldn't wade into the foliage to get a picture of them resting, but the Atlas moth was resting most of the time and was close, so here he is.  This was so much fun.  Rhys, I hope we get to do this every year, because there is still more to learn.

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  1. I love that place! So cool that they can experience things like that at a young age!