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Monday, May 13, 2013


I finally laid myself off of the construction job, and flew Texas  to see the kids on April 20.  Hattie  was one month old, and Rhys was 3 1/2.  He is talking non stop and getting more active each day.  I could hardly wait to see them.

I am always amazed at how tiny, and perfect babies feet are.  

Look at those long fingers, and blue eyes!

Big brother is not jealous in the least, and loves Hattie.

He knows how to stop her from crying...

by singing the "A,B,C" song loudly to her.  She is so lucky to have a talented, caring, big brother.
PaPaw and I got this car for Rhys for his first Christmas (I think), and he has just now really started riding it.

He races wildly around the bar in the kitchen as fast as he can go, legs, flying and feet slapping the floor.
It's pretty hard to get a picture of this moving target.

Hattie loves to cuddle, and daddy is always ready.  This little suit has magnetic snaps.  What will they think of next!
She is such a pleasant little girl to hold and care for.
I am amazed at how much new borns sleep, but that is when they are growing, and ...

Hattie is growing fast.
Rhys isn't still very much, but he always obliges the photographers.  Hattie is wearing a bubble that I made.

It was so much fun to sew for her, and hold her, and take care of her when Marina took Rhys to school.

I miss these folks more than words can say!

Here she is with another bubble I made her.

Marina dresses her up like a little doll.  The bows always match perfectly.

The monograms Marina does add the finishing touch.  Hattie is a true southern gal with her monograms.

Who says the second child has the fewest pictures in the album?  I love you Rhys and Hattie!
Can't wait for the next visit.

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  1. We loved having you down! I know that Rhys misses you so much!