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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Montrose, PA

Montrose is the county seat of Susquehanna Co., PA, and the courthouse is at the end of the main street.

Many of the buildings are old, and very elegant.  This building is an example of the age of many buildings that are well kept and used.

It is a quaint town, built on hills, actually it is in The Endless Mountains.

My two favorite stores on  main street are both  named The Butler's Pantry, both owned by the same couple. 

This one sells mainly Fiesta ware, and Maggie meets and greets the customers.  She is very friendly and loving, but gets a little carried away when she sees a camera!
 Just a few of the wares in Maggie's store.  Places like this are exhilarating to me!
There is Fiesta in every hue and unique baking utensils.

There are many antiques in PA--my weakness.

The other Butler's Pantry is actually "owned" by Goldie, a female cat that is a rescue animal.  She belonged to the pet store next door, and then was adopted by The Butler's Pantry owners.  She is independent, of course;  I had to get on my belly, and  crawl under a table to get a picture of her under the Christmas Tree.  I have been in the store often enough, and petted her enough to where she comes out to talk to me when I come in.

I will try to get a better picture of her eyes; she looks like the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland.
This store features dishes, decorator items and baby things.

 I think there must be Christmas displays all year.

Love the wall color in this sock monkey display!
Carol Jones was helping Goldie run the store the day I was visiting.

In between the two Butler's Pantry stores are a health food store and a pet store.

The pet store has real live kitties in it leading a life of luxury.
This one is up on the counter ready to help people check out.
Leopold's Chocolates is just right around the corner from The Butler's Pantry.  The chocolates are devine and made right in this store.
When you wander into the store, the owners offer you a sample of your choice.
Montrose even has a book shop.  Amazing that The Book Shoppe can survive in the age of Amazon and Abe Books.
The shop is small, but has variety.
I work out at Snake Creek with Danielle Arnold, who once upon a time ran "The Original", as she calls it.
The Montrose Inn is right across from the Original.  We haven't eaten there yet, but they say it is special.
You can dine in or out at the Original or the Inn.
When I have time I want Bobby to take me to the movies!  It was a sweltering 75 degrees (that's what the locals thought anyway).
There is so much rain that flowers grow easily, and are everywhere.  

Pretty vegetation grows  out of the cracks in the sidewalk! 
Sometimes I get away from work to attend this church.  All the churches I have seen are big, and old.
Montrose is beautiful, old, and the people are friendly and loving.  I recommend you visit this little town.

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