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Friday, September 7, 2012


This is the 155th annual Harford Fair!  Harford, PA  is a very small town located about 10 miles south of New Milford.  It was a lovely country fair, complete with a midway and tons of vendors along with the exhibits.  The rodeo was the last night of the fair and one of bulls got loose and ended up on the midway.  Several people were hurt.  You can just imagine.  I wasn't there, but I heard plenty about it.
The wood carver used his chain saw to make logs into amazing shapes.  Only problem--I didn't realize my camera was focusing on the net instead of the man!  Here you go Farmer.  I hope you see this--it's all made out of wood.

I talked to this interesting gentleman for quite a while.  He had a booth on the Center for Anti-Slavery Studies in Montrose.  He and I talked about the work ethic of a lot of people these days, and during the discussion he said R+L=E.   I told him I didn't know what that equation meant.  He said Recreation + Leisure =  Entitlement.  Hmmm, fancy that.
The sweet corn here is out of this world!
Here are some quilts for Cowboy's Sweetheart to see.  Everything was covered with plastic so the glare was inevitable (sorry about that).  They weren't as pretty as yours, Sweetheart.

Cowboy's Sweetheart also knits, so here you go.
This is a punched rug, very fine work, with lots of beautiful colors.
Now, we are going to the show barns.  If you don't care anything about animals skip to the tractor pulls.
There were lots of pretty dairy cows.  They were all clipped and washed for their big day.
I asked the girl when they were going to milk, and she said they would after the judging because that is what they are judged on.  There were some pretty full bags in the barn.
There was a shed full of goats, and this little guy was getting ready for a nap.

This little goat is going to have a bath, and be groomed.  Such a dear little face.
The lady says they use the milk for cheese.  Goat milk doesn't separate  like cows' milk does.
And now for my favorites--the sheep.  Love those black faces!

I was surprised at the blankets they used to keep the lambs clean.  They used blankets at our local shows too, in fact I have monogrammed a few of them, but they didn't cover the head.

All this baby needed was a little love!  He stood up on the panel and rested his face in my hand for as long as I would stay  with him.
Rambouillet bucks like to visit each other.  They were BIG!
They are fine wool sheep.

4H is a big deal here.
The biggest and and best pumpkin.
I am impressed with the great vegetables they grow here, and it seems that there must be a lot more sun than I think there is, even with all the trees all around.
The fair grounds are beautiful.  Just take a look.
Just one of nice places to sit and visit.

One thing you can count on in this are is delicious ice cream to eat.  There is an ice cream shop in every little town, and I think the popularity of it stems from all the dairies here.
See--two ice cream stands, side by side.
Good stuff!  I sure didn't pass it up.
There were lots of vendors, and this one is dedicated to Jan Harrison, who is the star of primitive doll making.
The D and Rs had their booths set up.  I went in to each one and asked them to give me 10 good reasons for voting  Republican and Democrat.  The Republican person was trying to get something fixed in the booth and couldn't give me any reasons, but then they had reasons posted outside their booth.  The Democrat pulled out a copy of an article written by Christopher Carney titled "House vote prescription for GOP hypocrisy.  I guess the two booths didn't get in a yelling match during the fair.  Too bad. 
There is plenty to eat, and as Bobby says, chicken is on every menu.  It is here anyway.
Every day there was a special event,  and this was the day for tractor pulls.  
Here goes the Oliver (never saw one until this day)
Little Ol' made it!  And so we got to see boys at play.  I think there is something spine tingling and exhilarating about watching exhibits of power.  I like it.
A  couple of afternoons at the fair, and I felt like this little guy.  I needed a nap!  It was fun and Harford has a nice country fair.  I would go back in a heartbeat.  If only little Rhys could have been here.

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