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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I try to walk as much as possible in this little town, and take my camera along to get some shots of the green landscape.  The town is full of beautiful flowers.  So far I haven't had any irate natives run out of their houses to stop my photography!  So, here are some things I see as I wander around  in New Milford, PA.
 This cautious fellow wanted to be friends, but we didn't have time to get together.  I just couldn't stand in the folks' yard and coax him for 15 minutes.
I don't know what they are, but they do well here.
Looks like a cotton bloom and even has bowls like a cotton plant.  Someone--please identify it!
I am amazed that sunflowers do so well since there is so much shade.  They are a favorite.
Beautiful flower gardens grow with such ease!
Many homes have a flag!
This huge flower garden is at Gibson right beside one of my favorite antique stores.
This is a bed and breakfast home.
Many mail boxes have flowers  around them or have pots mounted behind them like this.
I don't think this is yarrow.
Wheel barrows serve as planters.
This is the only honeysuckle I have seen, and believe it or not it does well in West Texas.  Love it!
Plants even grow in the crotch of trees (it's that wet here).  I haven't seen a sprinkler since I left Jayton, Texas..
Flowers grow in old dead tree stumps.  The petunias aren't as pretty here as they are in Montana (my opinion).
Barn quilts are very popular here.
So are outhouses.

And so are other wooden things.
Just one of the beautiful yards on a side street that I walk
Looking down toward Main Street.
 The only wild animal I have seen here (other than road kill).  Fall is on its way; leaves are starting to turn, and I can feel it in the air--you know when the sun is shining brightly but not burning you up.That's what I mean when I say I can feel it.  The colors will be gorgeous.

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