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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Bobby flew in to Midland on July 27, and we spent an exciting night and most of Saturday with Rhys, Robert and Marina.  We played, ate good Mexican food, and played some more!  Then we went to Jayton, and got things ready for our trip to Pennsylvania.  There was so much to do before we left that I did a horrible job of packing.  Bobby had things to do too!  Here he is backing the jeep in under the car port with Arnulfo Hernandez steering.  Bobby tore the license plate holder off  the pickup doing this.  That was the only mishap that day!
Tommy Stanaland is holding the rifle.  Lots of getting stuff gathered together that day, including guns.
Then we drove to Houston for four days of training on a new program that Troy Construction is going to use.  It is a lot like RSCCC that we used in school.  This is the headquarters for Troy in Houston.
 Lawn decoration at Troy. 

  Troy is expanding a lot.

Then we headed for New Orleans, and got there late in the afternoon.  This is some of the swamp in Louisiana.

We drove into the French Quarter, checked on motels, nothing available, so we got a place on the interstate.  I am proud to say we didn't get bedbugs or roaches from our stay.  I didn't get any daylight pics in the FQ because I was driving about 5 miles an hour, trying not to run over anyone.  The place was crawling with people and there are no lights, so you have to wait for an opening in the swarm of people before you can cross an intersection.  We hired a couple of foreign cab drivers to drive us down to the French Quarter so we could eat.  There was lots of action--too much for me to really get pictures of in the amount of time we had.

 Lots of places to eat, and so little time!
Bob and I ate here because the cab driver said it was the best, and it was delicious.
Bobby decided on the New Orleans Special. and I had the etouffee (yummy).
You can see the sweat dripping off my face!  Such heat and humidity!  Thanks, Becky for the vest.  I have had lots of inquiries and compliments on it.

The streets are packed, and people are constantly milling around, going from one bar to the next.  There are scammers and beggars throughout the crowd just like this man who had the usual line--"I need to go buy some milk and bread (code for booze or drugs) at the grocery store down the street.  Can you help me?"
Bob gave him $1.00 and he kept coming back, so Bob gave him $5 and told him that would take care of the bread and milk.  Well, maybe if he works the crowd he can get the money for some wine or a bottle of cheap whiskey.  The night was young so he still had time to reach his goal.
These fun loving lovelies had just got off the cruise ship and were doing the town (without husbands).  Trouble #1 and #2 are twins, and # 3 is a friend from California.  Trouble #1 is from New Mexico and knows where Abilene is, because she and her husband go there to hunt

More water and miles of bridge to cross it.   And finally, here we are in New Milford, PA!  This is where I ate breakfast every morning and got lots of information about the area too.  Now, we have an itty bitty apt. for me to cook breakfast, supper, lunch or what ever and clean too.
The Parkview Hotel with dining, dancing and a bar, of course.  Nice porch for the smokers to sit, smoke, eat, drink.  I am waiting to see what they do in the winter.
The Pratt Library in New Milford.
Very impressive front door to the library, and what I like is the friendly atmosphere and how easy it is to become a member.
I have many more pictures, but I have to go get sweet corn and then go pick blueberries.  Stay tuned for more about PA!

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