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Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am always ready for a new experience and there are blueberries just about 3 miles up the mountain from New Milford.  I missed the blueberry festival here, but got in on some good picking at the Hilltop Farm.  
Hilltop Farm is really set up for individual pickers like me.  They have a four wheeler to haul people to the place designated for picking.  So, here we go!
 There were lots of people picking every day that I was there, and then the commercial pickers came in--mostly Vietnamese folks from Binghamton, New York.  I picked for 4 hours and made $16!
Blueberries grow in clusters sort of like grapes, but they are so tender you can't just strip the branches.  You have to pick them.
My first bucket.  They are in the freezer, and they are delicious.  The season is over, and I am sad about that, but plenty happy about all the  berries I froze.  Rabbit eye blue berries are supposed to grow in our area at home and I want to get some bushes whenever I can settle down and tend to them.

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