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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Bobby surprised me with a home.  He came in one day and said he bought his mother's house from the estate, and this is where we would retire (I was teaching in Rankin at the time).  I am retired and he isn't, so here he is off in Pennsylvania working, and here I am with boxes stacked to the ceiling, dust everywhere from all the sanding that is taking place in the kitchen, closets full of clothes and stuff, and more stuff than you can imagine.  You see, I moved in on top of all my mother-in-law's things, and now I am cleaning out so there is room for everything I carted in here.  I am a pack rat too.  Yesterday I cleaned out a closet in what we call the spare bedroom.  You can't imagine how much you can get in one closet.  One pickup load to the dump, one car load for Goodwill, and keepsakes for the kids.  Here are just a few of the interesting things I found.

Tommy's Boy Scout books.  I am going to keep them because he just throws everything away that I give him.
Can you believe it?  Scouts had caps back in the day!  This is some more of Tommy's scouting things.
I found Billy's well worn Aggie ring, and his belt buckle crammed in a shirt pocket.
Tommy's high school ring and a men's wedding band.
Here is someone's Aggie charm bracelet (notice the boot), and check out these sun glasses; they have a blue mirror finish on the lenses that the camera didn't get!  Which one of you girls was the cool one with the shades?
"You've come a long way, baby!"  Remember that ad for Virginia Slims?  These cigarettes probably went with the glasses.  Whoever owned them didn't smoke much--only one or two are missing.
This is the jewelry box commemorating Kennedy's assassination.  I found lots of Bull Durham sacks, and one in nearly mint condition with the tag, papers and tobacco.  Our hired men rolled their own, and there is an art to it.  They took out the paper, held it so that the paper was shaped like a trough, poured just the right amount of tobacco in, pulled the sack shut by holding the string in their teeth and fingers of the free hand, put the sack in their pocket.  Then they spread the tobacco evenly in the paper, rolled it, licked the paper, sealed it and twisted one end shut.  After they lit up, they had to spend a little time spitting out the loose tobacco.  Dang, what a useless bit of information to remember so well!
A hottie from the 70s.
I guess Tommy must have called football games.  Bobby did when we first married. I went to the games with him, and got so mad at the "fans" who yelled at "my referee."  They can be so ugly.  Later I learned that a lot of these people go to the game just so they can yell ugly things at the refs (who are always wrong, by the way).
I am sure John Denver had one of these shirts!
Men really dolled up during the 70s.  Just look at those collars and cuffs!  Owls were a popular motif along with mushrooms and frogs.  Unfortunately there were no shirts with frogs or mushrooms, and this is not a referee shirt.  I wonder which disco Dewain went to when he dressed up in these duds?
My dear sister-in-law, Rita, really loved to dress during the 70s.  I wish someone could have modeled these classics, but I am here by myself.  This is brown, with a pleated skirt, wide cuffs and collar and pure polyester.
Rita looked like a doll in this dress.  100%  polyester!
Rita, look no further for Averie's prom dress!  Here it is--a nice woven, cotton blend, bright red and navy flowers.  You won't have to worry about cleavage or too much leg showing.  This is a classic.
Everything had big cuffs and collars.

Clip-on ties, all polyester, of course, and that little thing sitting on the skinny tie is an exposed roll of film.  I just hope someone can develop this spy-tech thing.  It is bound to be good!
Men's dress pants mostly had cuffs, were checked and were made out of that magical fabric--polyester.  They liked to wear white patent leather shoes and belts with them.  Women just thought they were liberated when they got to vote.  I think the polyester revolution of the 70s was almost as good.  No more starching, and ironing for hours, literally.
My father-in-law's checked jumpsuit.  Fabric content?  You already know.
Old school Tech window decal.  The majority of our family are Raiders, with only a few lost souls who are Aggies.  Now, I have got to get to work.  If you could see this place you would wonder why I took so much time to do this blog.  Hey,  I need a little diversion once in a while.  Have a blessed day.

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