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Sunday, July 22, 2012


 When I was teaching at Dawson in Welch, Texas, I had the pleasure of having my nephew, Garrett in a junior high class.  Part of the class involved child care, and since we had no simulators I resorted to the 10 pound sack of flour.  The kids brought their flour babies to class and I scrawled my name on them  so they couldn't go out and buy another one if they lost it or someone threw it across the gym and broke it (the janitors hated this project).  The kids kept a journal every day and answered these questions:
1.  What was the best part of the project today?
2.  What was the worst part?
3.  What were my feelings today?
I found these notes filed under "Memories" in our filing cabinet.  Garrett wrote this in his journal.

Day 1:  1.  Learning how to take care of a baby.  2.  Lugging the 10 pound flour baby around, and 3.  I am glad the 10 pound flour baby isn't real.

Day 2:  1.  Having friends help me with the baby.  2.  Everyone trying to steal the baby, and 3.  I am going to have a good wife!

Day 3:  1.  My baby watching me play football.  2.  Worrying about the baby, and 3.  babies are hard work.

Day 4:  1.  Having people help me with the baby.  2.  Girls stealing my baby, and I am going to get these girls! 

Day 5:  1.  That it was the last day.  2.  Pushing the baby around, and 3.  That I'm glad this is the last day!
Then parents had to send a note every day telling how their scholar took care of the baby at home.  Here is what Rita wrote:
Monday:  Garrett was a horrible parent!  He forgot his baby.
Tuesday:  Garrett fussed, but did a little better.  He did help Haley pick out clothing.
Wednesday:  The fun is wearing off!  He did not give his baby attention at home, but Haley and Averie did!
Thursday:  Garrett depended on other people too much.  We did take the baby to the game--Averie and Haley had fun.
Friday:  Garrett put his baby away for the weekend--he's convinced he doesn't want children!
The happy ending is that Garrett is all grown up, and yes, he has a baby, and is a wonderful father and husband (and he does have a good wife).  Here is proof in living color!
 Brandi, Bowen and Garrett

Those were the days!  Helen Wiebe broke her baby and went in the bathroom crying uncontrollably.  Others, put theirs in the locker and spies told on them.  There is something to be said about those electronic simulators--information is recorded 24 hours a day--there really isn't any way to cheat.  But, the flour babies can be used in  the food prep part and you can't do that with a simulator!

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  1. The electronic ones are cool, but personally, I like the flour babies. What a fun post!