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Saturday, July 28, 2012


We just got back from a visit with our dear little grandson, our one and only.   He is so cute!   He will be three in November so he can talk and make his requests known.  As soon as I get there he wants to "aside."  And that is not all--he wants to go "aside to the sand castles."
There is a lot of construction where he lives, and large piles of dirt that he calls "sand castles."  He puts his rain boots on and climbs them (with my help), throws clods off the top, and throws rocks.  Here he is going up the side of a "sand castle".
Then when we are in the house he wants to play hide and seek.  Here he is counting to 10, peeking through his fingers and waiting for Nannie to go hide so she can jump out and scare him.  He loves the adrenaline rush!
Don't peek!
Uno, dos, tres!  He can also count to ten in Espanol!
"Ready or not--here I come!"
"Sometimes you need a flashlight to find that Nannie!"
"Nannie, where are you?"
Then if I sit down to rest, he gets in the chair with me and says, "Chase Nannie, chase Nannie, chase Nannie,"  and so Nannie gets out of the chair and proceeds to run around the island, the bar and all around the obstacles in the house with Rhys hot on her heels.  It's a real aerobic work out for the 65 year old grandma, but so much fun.  Luckily I do not have a picture of this cray-zee behavior.  Grandparents act like fools (and it is so much fun)!


  1. I am so glad y'all came down! Rhys had a BALL! He asks for you everyday. :)