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Friday, April 13, 2012


On Sunday, April 1, at 7:00  am  these 16 student council kids, and I boarded a yellow dog and headed for Arlington for the state convention.  They slept most of the way because the prom was the night before, and most stayed up all night at various parties, and got home just in time to pack. 
It was so much fun and the kids were just great to be with.  I am glad a whole passel of them got to go so they will be all enthusiastic next year, and it was just good to get to know them better.  The convention center is right across a small pond from the Ranger baseball stadium, and close to 6 Flags Over Texas.  Monday night 6 Flags was closed to the public so all the student council kids could have their own private party (all 4500 of them).  I was still semi-crippled from surgery, and after I rode the Titan I was really "stove up" (as my dad would say).  The Titan is a beast that I should never have tackled.  We were headed down a huge incline straight for a tunnel that looked too small for anything to go through, so I instinctively ducked and the G--forces sucked me even further down.  One of my muscles in my back was  strained terribly, so the bus driver had to do the running at 6 Flags for me.  Thank God for women bus drivers!  Here is a picture of the Titan from various angles.
I took this picture from the road as we left on Tuesday.  You can see the clouds building and later on there were some bad tornadoes in area.

So, when you ride the Titan, sit back, keep your head against the back of the seat, hang on (because at times you will be lifted off the seat), and enjoy the ride!


  1. Did you actually ride that roller coaster? I just don't think I could bring myself to it. They had a big one at Disney. Darren & Mom rode it, but I just couldnt. Heights are not my bag. I get all sweaty and clammy even flying.

  2. I did and it crippled me. Now, I know how to do it (if I ever go back).