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Monday, February 20, 2012


I look forward to passing by this house on the way to Mustang Fitness Center.  I am willing to bet it was once upon a time a church--one of those churches built in the '40s.  Converting a church into a home must be interesting.  The residents always find the time to repaint their quaint, little mail box to match the holidays or the season--orange last fall, red at Christmas, a nice silver (not butane tank silver) for January, and now pink for Valentine's Day.  I am betting green is the next color.  They always have the doorway decorated to go with the theme, and the funny thing is I never catch them making these changes. 
The picture is certainly awkward, but I wanted to cut their address, and the gossamer is undone, from the stong winds we have had lately.  Anyway, these folks are very artistic, and full of fun.  I will get a shot of the house in March. 

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