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Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Sometimes I feel so uninspired."  These lyrics from a song by Traffic describe me this fall, and I just don't know why I have been in such a blah mood.  Anyway, I shall try to get back in the game of life with a few pictures.  I finally did a vest out of crocheted doilies--easy to do if you can find the stuff.  The big piece in back came from an antique store in Abilene called Rust and Roses (very interesting), and the two front pieces are ones I made back when I could get something done.  I tea dyed them so they would be almost the same color.
Then I decided to make up a piece of fake fur I got in Wal Mart a couple of years ago (I don't get in any hurry).  The hair is pretty thick so I cut all I could out of the seam allowances.  That was fun!
Those Gingher  applique scissors worked nicely for the trim.
Then I pulled all that hair back away from the seam when I sewed the pieces together, and seam hardly shows (scissors are pointing to the seam).
It is nearly done.  I will cut about 4 inches off the bottom, because it just doesn't "feel right" the way it is now. 
Now, about food.  We had Christmas dinner at our house, for part of the dessert I made banana pudding--Nannie's Banana Pudding.  My mother-in-law rarely measured anything, so she had no recipes for these old time favorites.  I got her to make a batch of banana pudding and we measured as she went.
7 cups milk
1 cup canned milk
4 whole eggs
1 tsp. salt
2 C sugar
1 heaping tsp. flour for each cup of milk, which amounted to a little less than 2/3 C flour
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla

Blend the sugar and flour and add the milk.
Beat the eggs until blended nicely and add them to the milk, and cook until thickened.
Add the vanilla and butter.
Pour over the vanilla wafers and the sliced bananas.
Put some wafers on top.   These wafers in the pudding thicken it so don't cook the pudding until is is "stiff".
I used too many wafers, so cut back when you make it (and I don't know why the dumb thing is sideways).  I am going to change the recipe just a little.  Instead of whole eggs, I am going to use about 6 egg yolks.
Some folks say they are book snobs, and one of my friends says she is a sheet snob, but me--I am a "nanner puddin' snob."  If I can't have the cooked from scratch, old fashion pudding,  just give me the banana and a cookie!

And then there is my little helper, who keeps me and Papaw entertained.
He had fun getting into things at our house.


  1. I am going to try that puddin'! Angus and Maggie love bananas, and I do believe the little man would just put his head down and start eating that without a spoon, as fast as he could.

    The doily vest...STUNNING! I can't stop looking at it! Do you have a simple black outfit to go under it? It's gorgeous. You're so creative!

    More pictures of Rhys, please. I can't get enough...

    Love you!

  2. I'M SO EXCITED!!!
    Your blog let me publish a comment, finally!!!!
    Hold your horses...

  3. That pudding is my fav - I never realized I am a 'nanner pudding snob' until I had yours! Ha!