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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Last Saturday I had a "Girls' Day Out" with six women from Lamesa.  It had been so long since I had done something as frivolous as going shopping,  that I was in culture shock for at least an hour. 
I met the ladies at Jackie's house, and we headed out to Post. 
Two of the gals were in the back seat talking non-stop about all the stuff they had bought, and then one pipes up and says, "Who is the best hair dresser in Lamesa?"  That's when I realized that I had come to a new world--the world of Lamesa.  Lamesa has a culture all its own--one that I dearly love and miss so much.  I had so much fun in Lamesa when I taught ten miles down the road.  I just love their glitz!  The ladies doll up more in Lamesa, Texas, than anywhere in the world.  They get their nails done whether they need it or not. 
These ladies know how to shop and they do it on a regular basis--purses, shoes, clothes.  You name it they have it.
We had a fabulous time looking, eating, looking, buying.  I found a neat bookstore at the end of the tour, and was  talking to a country lawyer, ex-district attorney, turned author when they called and said, "Time was up.  We are heading to Rag Town Theater."  I had to leave the author, without a book or pictures.  I was all set to take a picture of the resident Siamese cat, when she jumped down, and I didn't have time to make her pose (against her will) for a picture to go with the story. 

Here we are with friends from Post from left to right starting with the front row:
Maria Aguirre, Dorothy Evans, Rosie.  Back row:  Pam Vogler, Jackie Hahn, Jackie Calhoun, Janelise Bowman, Carol and Wayne McDonald.  We met Carol and Wayne at the restaurant, and then went to see them perform in Bethlehem at Rag Town Theater. 
After last Saturday, I realized that my life has dwindled into a very boring routine--go to school, stay after school, go home and do it all over again, day after day.  I am resolved to go back to Post  with the crew and take care of unfinished business; so that cat had better be ready to cooperate because here I come!


  1. LOVE that PURSE!!! And the nails...they make me smile! Wouldn't it be fun to look down and see Santa painted on your thumbnail?

    I'm so glad you got a girl's day out, spend time with friends and have an adventure of sorts.

  2. And I'm SO EXCITED your blog let me put up a comment at last! Watch out...I've got more to say on back posts...