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Friday, November 25, 2011

Fashionistas at AHS

Boots!  Boots with skirts and dresses are the thing here at AHS.
Some guys like the boots from the South, South of the Border, that is.
Some of these Mexican boots are really fancy.
The kid that owned these boots says they portray his life.  He's into rodeo, which is one big gamble.
Hope his rodeo life is as good as the hand on his boots. 
Anyway, the four aces are made by a boot company called Tin Haul out of Las Vegas.  So, Cowboy, if you really want to dress up, check it out on line.

Homecoming was a parade of fashion!
Lots of fancy mums. 
The bigger the better.  One mum I saw was so big it had to have a strap around the neck for support.
Belts are glitzy with lots of shiny stones of all colors.
Shiny, and colorful stones are everywhere, including purses.
And then there are feathers in your hair that are attached with some sort of clip so they stay put, and you just shampoo them with the rest of your locks. 
Honestly, I am not sure what the rest of the world is doing as far as fashion--but here where I reside--gaudy is good! 
Hope y'all have a blessed Thanksgiving! 

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