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Sunday, October 10, 2010


 Homecoming pep rally was on the football field with all the elementary kids and parents.  What a week!!!!  We had open house, with Student Council in charge of registration, and guiding parents to the classes.  This is a first for me.  None of the other schools I have taught in needed guide services to find the rooms.  You just headed down the two halls and  found the room yourself, or just asked the person walking around with punch and cookies where they got them. Then the next day Student Council put on a feed for the Lions Club in my room.  We met on Sunday to do some of the fixings.  It took all afternoon to clean up, but at least the kids had to do it.  I did have to wash, dry, and fold all the napkins, and place mats, which amounted to about three loads.  Do the aprons and chef hats for all these classes is a pretty big job.  Now, I know how the coaches feel washing all those uniforms.  It was also six-weeks test week  (I invent and type my own), and then the Student Council was in charge of the coronation ceremony for the homecoming queen.  After all that stress, I managed to get some sort of respiratory virus the kids drug in.  All I can say is--next year will be a piece of cake, and to top it off this is just one more virus I am immune to.  The year is flying by, and I am glad to be in this new school.
Here are the cheerleaders and football players doing "Mustang Muscle."  It scares me half to death when they do these basket tosses, and it is even more dangerous when the football players help throw the girls up in the air.   
Here is an indoor pep rally in "The Dome."  This just about sums it up--all I do is school and more school.  Except today, I get to take care of the grand baby.  Have a good week.  May the Lord bless and keep you.

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  1. Wow! That is quite a change for you...much bigger school than we're used to hearing about. I'm sorry you're sick; being frantic busy almost always does that to a person. Get some rest and kiss that grandbaby for me!