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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Once more--a Mustang!

I went to Garfield County High School in Jordan, Montana many years ago, and our mascot was the Mustang; our colors were black and orange.  The school was small--maybe  there were 30 who graduated with me;  every one knew each other.  I lived in the dorm part of the time, with all the other country kids; it was a fun time, and I bawled after graduation.  It was Gloria Rath's fault.  She was standing beside me in the line as people came by to congratulate us, and hug us, or shake our hand.  It wasn't long before Gloria started blubbering and I broke down with her.  I became a teacher and my entire teaching career has been in three small towns about like Jordan.  Well, here I am, a Mustang once more.  Our colors are black and gold, not too different.

However, the school population is a lot different.  At this point we have 850 enrolled in high school!  Heck, that is more than dwell in the entire city of Rankin, or Jordan, Montana.  I am in culture shock with 131 students, seven classes, and student council.  STUCO is a BIG DEAL here, and I am just praying every day that God tips me off before I make a mistake.    We are finished with the first two weeks of school, and what a workout it was--7 classes, and one conference, 131 students!  Luckily, I have a class period for student council with only the officers.  Somehow I have got to get FCCLA going, because there are kids in my classes who could really benefit from this organization.  I am still on a learning curve here, so I won't try FCCLA right away.  I am glad I have the opportunity to work here, because the people are great, and the kids are good kids.  It is nice living in a town with a full-fledged grocery store and a couple of Dollar Stores.  The best part is being 37 miles from my cute, and amazing grandson!  Have a blessed week.


  1. I must agree, he is pretty cute and amazing! I'm glad you are getting settled in.

  2. Congratulations of your first couple weeks of school. jmp

  3. Yay, Mustangs!
    What a brave move, for you...I know you take challenges head on and make them into triumphs. So proud of you, Rosie. And praying hard for you.

    Surely you meant to say, " cute, and amazing grandson and HIS PARENTS" Right?

    Love you!

  4. You are right, FW! They are extra special! I am so proud of them, their Christian walk, and the great job they are doing with "Little Mr."

  5. Glad things are going well Rosie! I have been thinking of you as well in the new school. I had a little culture shock too coming from Broadus and Shepherd to Miles City! So fun that you get to work with the STUCO kids. Fun to have talented, ambitious leaders in a class by themselves I bet! Take Care!

  6. We are proud of you and glad you were able to make the move AND be closer to the grandboy! Since you are doing classes you really like, the year will fly by! Miss you bunches! Prayer for you always...

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