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Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Long, Rankin--

it's been good to know you.  After a total of 18 years I am going to move on up the road to a 3-A high school.

I will miss the hills, and the little main street going through the middle of the town--a town where you really don't have to lock the doors when you leave the house.
  In this desert the  mesquites are short, and
 and the cacs are tall, and vicious;
the agave blooms are 20 feet tall,

and Pepe` greets us  when Rita and I walk. I will miss basket ball games in the new gym, and in

the old gym, and shoot I may even miss doing concession stands and proms!

I'll miss seeing the kids on the elementary playground, and
how could I ever forget the time I spent at Gossett Elementary?

 I will remember the track meets where Roberto threw the shot,  and

 Rankin High School, where I learned how to teach home economics, special ed., and enjoyed the day to day activities of Roberto and his friends when they were scholars there.  It was a magical time in our lives!
There are many special memories about Red Devil Stadium, where Bob and I watched Roberto play some great 11-man football, and the boys  put lots of points on the scoreboard (Roberto was named All State his senior year). 
Yes, there are many wonderful memories for us at Rankin.  I will especially miss my daily walks with Rita (she kept me going when I would have rather done something else) and talked me through some pretty tough stuff.  To my prayer partners, Jennifer, Anita, Evelynn, and Jo Beth--keep praying, and say some prayers for me.  Paula, I will miss our Emmaus reunion meetings.
We are only 100 miles away from each other, and that is not far at all.  So, I will just say--thanks for the wonderful memories!  I love each and every one of you who have been a part of our lives.  May God bless you, protect you, and make you prosper.



  1. It's always sad to leave, but I am just so excited for you and the road ahead!

  2. You will be missed Bert! Come say hi every once in a while! love ya! Glen & Sarah