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Friday, July 16, 2010

Living in Chaos!

No, chaos is not a small village west of Alpine or somewhere on the Mexican border.  It is in the newly remodled house I moved to, and now all my possessions are boxed and ready to move again.  After 18 years, I am going on to another adventure????  Only time will tell whether it was a smart thing to do.  One thing about it, I have cleaned out, thrown away, given away a lot of junk at school and here at the house. 
We have had a lot of rain from the hurricane, and the tarantulas, millipedes and turtles are on the move because of it.  I love to see the tarantulas walking in their mechanical gait across the highways, and I cheer them on, hoping they won't get squashed.  This one on the toe of my shoe was marching across the drive way at school. Here he is trying to escape.
At least I have had a little time this summer to enjoy the grandbaby, who is nearly crawling and loves to eat peas!
More later, and until then let God lead your life.  You will be in for excitement!