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Monday, June 7, 2010

OOPS! Now I Have Done It!

I have committed myself to an impossible task, just in hopes that I will get some of it done.  I found this cute blog on Sew Retro.  The English girl (  is forming a group of seamstresses who will get serious, and really try to make what they wear.  My theory is--if my name is on the dotted line, I am at least semi-committed and might even get something done!  So, I have taken the following vow (not in blood, mind you).
I, Rosie O'Grady,  sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear as many handmade (at least one piece of clothing, preferably a whole outfit) every day for the duration of September 2010'.  If I can just finish what I have started, the challenge will probably have been accomplished.  First, I will attack my Koos Van Den Akker skirt, even though I don't like the fabric I bought (choices are limited in Midland).  I am going to do it!!!!
And now I just have to tell you about the fashion world that  Mark Twain described  when he went ashore to visit Constantinople.  "Ashore it was--well, it was an eternal circus.  People were thicker than bees in those narrow streets, and the men were dressed in all the outrageous, outlandish, idolatrous, extravagant, thunder-and-lightning costumes that ever a tailor with the delirium tremens and seven devils could conceive of.  There was no freak in dress too crazy to be indulged in, no diabolism too fantastic to be attempted.  No two men were dressed alike.  It was a wild masquerade of all imaginable costumes--every struggling throng in every street was a dissolving view of stunning contrasts.Some patriarchs wore awful  turbans, but the grand mass of the infidel horde wore the fiery red skullcap they call a fez.  All the remainder of the raiment they indulged in was utterly indescribable."  The Innocents Abroad 
I just hope that we can produce clothing that is just half as exciting as this!


  1. I think you like to stress yourself to the max! Thirty pieces of clothing??? Why not let me build you an apron and you can wear it everyday for 30 days over your clothes? Ha!

  2. Wow, what a challenge! There is NO way I could do that!!!!! You have less than 3 days to crank out each piece of clothing....good luck!

  3. The Clothing Dept. at Tech would truly be proud of you. Move over Hollywood. We want a full portfolio of your new wardrobe.