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Saturday, May 29, 2010

World Championship Barbado Cookoff...

is being held in Rankin, Texas right now.  So if you hurry on down you can join the fun.  Roberto cooks chili, and has won in the past.  Check out the pictures.
Cookers come from all over, and have various types of pits.  Some of them are pretty fancy, because they compete for the showmanship prize.  The amount of teams doubled this year.
Here is Two Bit Pit (computer talk).  Roberto cooks with these folks; he is always in charge of the chili
and has not won in several years.  I say he makes the chili  too hot for the average gringo who  judges for beer or wine.   Dang!  Leave the Maria Sharp's habanero sauce in the pantry.
Here is some of the Two Bit Pit crew staying cool after all the food was turned in to the judges.  The work is done and now for the fun!
That's a pit up under the porch.

Lots of flags flying for Memorial Day.
And live music. 
Good luck tomorrow with the chili Roberto.  It is not too hot for me and has a wonderful spicey flavor.  I just hope the judges like it warm!  I will post results tomorrow.

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  1. I wish we could have been there! Even though they didn't win, I am sure the food was still fabulous! :)