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Monday, May 3, 2010

Home on the Range

Bobby was down on the farm checking the deer feeders, and lo and behold there's a buffalo looking at him.
This beast was all alone--no cows with him.  A surprise to say the least!
Don't know where he came from or where he is headed.  The last buffalo in Stonewall County was over a hundred years ago.  I think he came from Guthrie.  Someone from that area brought a lot of them in, and in fact there was a suit in court not too long ago.  Seems this fellow wouldn't keep his buffs at home and one of the rancher shot a bunch of them.  Of course, Cactus Lil can tell you more about that since it all happened in her neck of the woods.  Happy Hunting!


  1. Scott's parents had one roaming over there (west of Cohagen)a couple of years ago. Apparently someone had a buff. ranch and a couple escaped...but he didn't claim them, because he didn't want to be responsible for them... Weird to see them in this neck of the woods too! Although I'm pretty sure there are a lot of crazies who'd like to turn it back into that kind of a country!

  2. Hi,
    I've tried the buffalo meat. It's lean, but stringy. No wonder the Indians liked it. It makes good jerky.
    The last I heard (herd) of the King Co. buffalo was that they were going to try and settle out of court. I spoke with the former sheriff recently and some are still misssing. There are no fences good enuf to keep these critters in. Have fun roping them Bobby! Cactus