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Monday, April 26, 2010

Abilene, Texas

During spring break I spent some time in a little town that has plenty of interesting places--Abilene.  The city has preserved a lot of their old buildings that are light years ahead of these modern "piles", as Mark Twain would call them.   The historic district is down town.
The Grace is a museum.
Just look at the fancy work on the outside of this building.
You can still see movies in the Paramount.
I think this is the tallest building in Abilene--and it is old.
The beautiful depot is preserved and made into shops--one features chocolates.
A fine gift shop if ever I saw one.
And would you believe that little old Abilene is the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature?
This is a pop-up display of Alice in Wonderland at the NCCIL.  The curator wouldn't let me crawl under the ropes for a better shot, so this is as good as I could do.
"The NCCIL recognizes the artists achievements by curating original gallery exhibitions of their works."  These exhibits travel throughout the US.  At this time, the exhibit was The Berenstain Bears Out West.
The exhibit showed each step in making the illustrations for this popular book.  I had no idea what went into these pictures that I took for granted when reading the book to Baby Roberto!  They had the story that was scratched onto a yellow legal pad, colored overlays by the pages, and even showed how the book was bound.  And to think schools can haul bus loads of kids there to see the actual work.
A bit of whimsy down town.
Abilene came into being because of the Texas and Pacific Railroad in 1883. 
It has three church schools--Hardin-Simmons, McMurry, and Abilene Christian University.  Yes, Abilene is in the Bible Belt of Texas.  It is a pretty town, with lots of trees, and some of the biggest and  prettiest mesquites growing in yards you would ever hope to see.  Bobby is working here every day, so I plan to spend lots of time in Abilene.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

18.75 on Concrete

It's been a while!  The last month has been a meat grinder--sometimes it's that way, maybe Pluto and Jupiter are lined up, or it's just spring.  First, my router crashed from lightening, and it took a while to get another, and get it installed, and by that time everything just happened.  I am one of three junior class sponsors, and as you all know, juniors (their sponsors) do the prom.  I haven't done one since Roberto was a junior in '97, and I felt like I was working with two left hands.  Now days we give prizes and gifts
during the prom, and guess who got to do all that?  I beat the bushes and shook the trees, agonized over the amount of money coming in, ordered prom supplies, shopped for food and prizes.  It's too much to tell about.  During this month and a half I have only checked in on the blog about the grandson, and then logged out .  There just wasn't any time for anything except prom, design project, and TAKS prep, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
Last night it all happened, and the kids loved it.  The DJ--Luis Ibarra, was not bad at all.  Left to his own devices he would have played nothing but cumbias, and  other Mexican music, but he complied with requests for country, rap, and "Stanky Leg."  There were four boys who really got in to that dance! Every hour  we had drawings, and the kids won everything from a big screen TV, lap top, ipods, itouches down to gift cards. 
Here we have the senior boys.

The entire senior class.
The junior class (feather boas were a gift).

"Midnight in Paris" was the theme.  The kits from Stumps and Andersons are exasperating to assemble--a piece of cake for The Farmer, I am sure, but not for me.  This Eiffel Tower was 16 feet high, and all made of cardboard.  When I finally got home, I looked at my pedometer--18.75 miles, all on concrete and terrazzo floors.  I took two aspirins and slept in the recliner!