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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I love winter flowers!  The paper whites and amaryllis are a relief from the barren branches and bare dirt  we have at this time of year.  I think spring is here, though, because the wind is blowing (I can hear the dirt hitting the window), and it is warming up; the little cardinal birds are here on their way to a summer spot.  I heard a meadow lark the other day, but he won't be here for long, because very soon he will fly all the way to Montana!  Our neighbor, Tom Hovland, always wanted to be the first one to hear the meadow lark sing.  It was an undeclared contest between him and my Dad. 

I want this book!  If you ever go to a library sale or a garage sale, grab it for me, or if you have it, and are cleaning house, let me know.  It is out of print now, and these two authors are the best in the art of pattern making.  Right now, I am riding herd on some girls who are supposed to design something to wear in the business world for a state technology contest.  I do have my flat pattern design manual from Tech, but am drooling over this one by Hillhouse and Mansfield.  Right now, we are coming up with a design, and believe me it is not easy to keep them from wanting something appropriate for a tattoo parlor or for a salesgirl in Abercrombie.  I am not sure they are ready for all the work it entails either, but I will keep you posted!  In the meantime, keep your eyes open for this book. 


  1. I think Grandma had that book. It had too much cussin', so she tossed it in the fire.

  2. Well, that is what she does with books with too much cussin', such as The Rising Sun!

  3. I am so late posting a comment, but I laughed out loud! Priceless!! Love the flower pics. We ARE READY for meadowlarks. Grandma still can't get her car out or even drive it if she could get it backed up. There is so much snow, slush and ice down around her house, it is amazing!
    Miss you. Love Marina's pics of the baby. He is just squeezable!
    Miss you!!!

  4. Rosie,
    Enjoyed the flowers. Try the Cactus Bookstore in San Angleo. I bet some ole outlaw left one there or maybe an aniquated shop in Lubbock. Cactus.