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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cupids, The Tin Man, and Little Mr.

First of all, happy Valentine's Day.  Bob sent me roses on Friday!  It's always a delightful surprise to get flowers, and it was a perfect way to end the week. 
Then, that evening Mom and I went to Midland, and I got Roberto to take her to see Wizard of Oz at the Midland Theater.  I think she liked it, however, I am not too sure about Roberto.  All he said was the Tin Man wore silver tights and had a wedgie!  I stayed with Marina and little Mr., and it was all fun.
Today, after church, we went to UTPB in Odessa to get tickets to see Maya Angelou.  The tickets are free, but everyone had to appear in person to get them.  Dr. Angelou will speak on Wednesday night in the gym there at the university, so off we will go again.  Then bright and early, about 6:00 am, on Saturday morning, we will tear off to the airport so Mom can wing her way back to Montana, and wade through the snow drifts while she waits for a chinook.  I will crash, momentarily, and then find things to do to fill the void she will leave.  It has been  good having her here for two months.  I just hope she wasn't too bored, and that she will come back for another extended stay.


  1. Was she aware he was FaceBook-ing in the theatre?

    We got Wizard of Oz at Christmas and loved it! (My kids cast me as the witch. Never the good witch, always the hag....)

    Sounds like a great time! I can see by the pink of Rhysie's cheeks that he's finally getting a sufficient amount of kisses. That's a relief! Thought I was going to have to fly to TX and show you how it was done....

    Love you all!

  2. I hope your mom doesn't have too much trouble adjusting to the weather here. 24 below in jordan the last two mornings according to the weather channel web site. Sounds like you have enjoyed her!

  3. The Tin Man was obscene! There were kids there, and they were exposed to his silver butt-cheeks for 2+ hours.

  4. Love Maya Angelou! She would be a treat to see. Enjoy it and send some warmer weather back with your mom, maybe?

  5. Roberto, butt cheeks for two hours wouldn't be too bad for me if they were nice ones, and just what do you think you were doing texting, and facebooking during the play?

  6. Grandma will have weather shock when she puts her toes on Montana soil!! She will soon be stoking her wood fire and warming her kitchen with a pot of soup. She will be mighty lonesome for you all down there after she gets home. We will get stories...