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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time is Up!

Alas, the blue moon is waning, and so is my Christmas break. We will be back at it on Monday; two more weeks in the semester, and then the wild spring semester will begin. Kids will be going every direction--basketball, UIL academics, One Act Play, track, and every other conceivable outing. The sky was beautiful this morning--no wind to stir up the dust. There was a cool layer of blue on the horizon with a layer of rose between it and the light blue sky, and the moon was bright and big. I just wonder what that old water tower has seen down through the years?
Here is the only thing I made during the break--a tree skirt. Bob asked me, "Aren't you a little late?" "You, might look at it that way, but actually I am really ahead of the game for next year, and besides, the only time you can see the thing is before and after the presents, so I timed it just right." I have a stack on my sewing machine, and if I will just allocate 15 minutes a day, it will be done. That is my resolution--develop a new habit of using bits of time instead of putting things off until I have half a day (which never happens). I hope everyone made a resolution; it's good for us to set goals even if we don't reach them all.