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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sharing the World with Bugs!

No pictures this time! I didn't feel like cooking tonight so Mom and I headed for the only cafe in town--a good Mexican place, with the best hot sauce around. We were in the mood for a burger, though. We had no sooner sat down than Mom started pointing at something. I couldn't figure out what her sign language meant, so I just ignored her. She kept on pointing, sort of inconspicuously, and then said, "Look," a low, almost inaudible tone. Finally, I figured out what all these antics were about--a bug. It scurried up on the window and disappeared. For some unknown reason it didn't even bother me--hunger does that, and the thought of going back home to cook does it too. I noticed he wasn't very big at all, and so I said, "He isn't going to eat much," trying to calm Mom down, because I knew who would do the cooking if we left. Thankfully the waitress came up, and overwhelmed us with the menu, and talk; Mom was distracted, and we ordered. The hamburgers were the best, fries were the best, and I think Mom forgot all about the bug. Now, if that had been a full grown roach I would had to leave, but a little bug on the window--no problem tonight. I think it is because I know the cafe, and know that they are clean, and it was a just a little bug! I guess my standards are slipping, depending on my mood.


  1. Oh, how funny!! That would be me pointing at the bug, but I understand fully about the cooking! A cook's night out can be the BEST when the food is delicious!!

  2. Rosie,
    You may have not known us when Doak Hall was overrun with roaches. We complained; did no good.
    We had t-shirts printed and had a cockroach rodeo out in the hall. It got some attention; and eventually had fewer "bugs." Cactus

  3. It just shows that they're concnetrating on making good food!

  4. Bugs, shmugs....

    A bug in your enchilada sauce; that's worth pointing out. A bug on the window; that's just life.