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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rummy, what a game!

After my mother arrived I dug out the cards so we could play rummy, a game that she dearly loves...and I don't. There was a time when I thought I must have some sort of deficiency, because I just really don't like rummy. It irritates me most of the time; I feel like a praying mantis sitting there waiting for the right card, drawing one at a time, looking all over the table to see if I can play a card on something, hoping that the queen of diamonds will show up, because I have the king and the ace. Then Mom eases THREE QUEENS (including the queen of diamonds) onto the table, and there goes my plan. I am sitting there with a fifteen cent ace and a worthless king, so then I have to hope the 2 of diamonds will show. Of course, it doesn't, and I have to come up with another plan with a 6 of spades, 4 of hearts, 9 of clubs, 8 of hearts, jack of clubs, and so on. This is just way too SLOW for me; it reminds me of shelling black-eyed peas--the world is spinning off without me, leaving me sitting there doing one pea at a time. I like action--spades, hearts, something fast. Today I decided not loving rummy has something to do with personality types--maybe there isn't something terribly wrong with me after all. Even though I can't find anything about personality and card games, it makes sense that there is something to it. This is a good project for the government to use some of their stimulus money for, and why hasn't that illustrious bunch of bureaucrats we have in Washington thought of it? On a more sensible note, I do think rummy is for the high green and gold personalities, and that is not me. Happy New Year, and may the effects of the blue moon on students have waned by Monday.


  1. Good for you, playing rummy! I can't do it. I tested out "orange" on the personality wheel and would WAY rather be playing Pictionary or Charades. Rummy makes me want to kick something, about 4 minutes in to the game. Sort of like crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. I know they are honorable, dignified, intelligent forms of entertainment. I'd rather floss my dog's teeth.

    Aren't personalities funny? And what's enjoyable to one person is torturous to another....

    I think you ought to write a grant, requesting money to study this phenomenon. Only you'd have to work in some sort of minority, an environmental slant and that sort of thing. Try: "The Causal Probability of Bio-degradable Mathmatically Focused Tools and The Effects Toward Geriatric Native American Females In Geographically Isolated Areas of Poverty"

    Guaranteed money. And you can retire! Voila!

  2. sounds like me playing cards

  3. Rummy is slow, Pinochle is much more challenging, but I have no one that plays. Darn. I like the fast-paced games too! I just like games and when the kids can play, even better. Miss you all!!!

  4. Grandma gives no quarter when playing rummy.