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Sunday, December 20, 2009

La Esparanza and more

Last week I took my shopping day in Odessa. That's right, a shopping day on Monday--a school day. Our superintendent, bless her heart, understands how crowded the stores are on the weekends, and that is the only time school people have to shop, since we live a "fer piece" from Midland or Odessa, so she came up with the idea of a "shopping day." We trade days with someone who is not in the classroom. I traded with the librarian, and my kids just went to the library to work on their assignments. I had lunch with my son, Roberto, and of course, we ate at a Mexican cafe he has discovered--La Esparanza. It has some really good hot sauce, just the left side of painful with really good flavor. Odessa has some real good Tex-Mex, and they don't cut the heat!
My mother arrived yesterday (Saturday), in fine shape, no worse for wear. In fact she enjoyed her flight, and talked to some interesting people on the way. One young man was going home to McCamey, Texas from his job with wind turbines. He said he was ready for some good Mexican food. After church today, we decided we would try a little McCamey Mexican fare. Everything starts with chips and hot sauce. The cook must not have been very mad today, because it was rather mild. The madder the cook, the hotter the sauce!
Mom ordered enchiladas with red sauce, and said they were good, but it was more than she could eat! That cafe is used to feeding men, and men want lots of food for their money. It is Christmas break, and I am looking forward to reading, cooking some healthy low-calorie food, and throwing in a few new recipes, which I will be sure to blog. So, tune in again. Maybe you will see something unusual. I hope your week before Christmas is filled with joy, and lots of friends and family.


  1. Wow. Grandma looks positively giddy! (I hope she doesn't give you too much trouble....)

    I could use some good Mexican, too. Those enchiladas look wonderful! You'll have a great time, over Christmas break, and I can't wait to read about your adventures.

  2. It sounds good!! I made enchiladas for the guys yesterday and I made a big pan and they ate left overs today and the balance went to the Sandquist cats. I need to learn to cook LESS. Those look much better!

    Tell Grandma that I made them (Bill, Joe, and Jamie) a 7" pie so they could have a piece yesterday and one today and then there wouldn't be a lot left! EVERYONE is on a diet at this house and Cowboy is really outdoing all of us as Joe will be getting into the diet mode as soon as he goes to the DR. That is another story...

  3. Grandma looks out of control in that picture.

  4. Rosie,
    You can find the best places to eat --even in the desert or is it dessert? Cactus