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Friday, December 4, 2009

Desert Snow

I got up at 4:45 a.m. to jog. That's right, Rosie is planning to start a new fat burning program. I am re-reading Covert Bailey's book called The New Fit or Fat, and have decided that all my fat burning enzymes have gone to sleep or have shrunk to the point that I will continue to gain even by looking at a pie (of course, I rarely just look), so I am going to follow Mr. Bailey's advice to get 12 minutes of aerobic exercise, which is supposed to enhance the development of fat burning enzymes in my bloated cells. He says you have to have at least 12 minutes of exercise at the target heart rate in order to stimulate the growth of these enzymes. Here is how to calculate the target--220 minus your age multiplied by .65 to .8. When I went out at 5:00, I was so surprised to see about 1 1/2 inches of fresh snow on the ground. About 6:15 the recorded call from the superintendent came through--no school! Yes, I know, you Montana people are stunned, but this district will not take a chance on running a bus on snow pack. If the bus kids aren't here our average daily attendance is hurt terribly, money is lost, so we just don't have school. Anyway, I have walked three times today, and am going to get the Christmas tree up as soon as I get off the computer. It is amazing how fast time evaporates--and I thought I had "all day" to get everything done! Actually, it's time for coffee now, and do the tree later. Wish you were all here so we could have a cup together. Have a blessed day!


  1. beautiful photo. Nothing like a little snow to freshen things and slow down traffic!

  2. Snow on the cactus looks beautiful! What is the other tree/shrub behind it? Is it a willow? It's also beautiful. The snow is just starting here. It really gets you in the Christmas spirit. I usually like it until the middle of January and then I'm done. Take care!

  3. Gorgeous picture! Our "other" Roberta sent snow pictures from Texas too!! We had snow off and on all day today. It is cold and I am just not ready for it, but "ready or not!"...
    Good luck with your exercise program. I am getting serious about mine too. What a time to do it, just before Christmas. Maybe we can get that foot up before January!!!
    Miss you bunches!!!

  4. Okay, I'm going to comment on the fitness, not the snow. Good job getting going with that! Really and truly, it's just the getting started that's the hard part....after that, you've got it. You've got to get in shape because that little Rhys is going to run you all over the place here in a couple years!

    I love you, and I'm so proud of you.

  5. Jennifer, I am not sure what that tall cactus that looks like a willow is called. I thought it was Red Hot Poker, but it isn't. We have so many species of cacs here you need a degree in desert plants to know what they all are. It is a cactus.