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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pink Giraffe, Purple Leopard, and Zebra Stripes.....

Here is the quilt that Cowboy's Sweetheart gave me several years ago, perfectly stitched, corners that match, and beautiful colors of violet, red-violets, greens, blue-greens, and different whites. I will treasure it always, and it's on the bed winter and summer. I don't have any other color in the room, other than brown, so I decided to add some color, and here it is all complete--inside and out.

There are a few other colors besides what is in the quilt, but I think the violets, pinks and greens stand out, so it should fit right in with the quilt. I put the final coat of clear acrylic on it this morning, and was nearly late to Sunday School because of putting the old, original 1950s hardware on the drawers. I can't believe I am really finished with it--not that I have been toiling over it every day (there were many days I was uninspired, and didn't dare work on it). Then, when I decided to finish it there was always something else that needed to be added, fixed, or done to it, and it seemed that I would never get done. I got pretty detailed in places, which takes a lot more time, but details are fun, and I am happy with the way it turned out. I wanted you to see it before I move it to the bedroom where I will fill each drawer with "stuff." Sewing is the next thing on my list, and it needs to be--the machine has a stack sitting there waiting for me. When I was in the extension service, one of the agents told me that a person can sew for themselves if they average 15 minutes a day. Sounds easy doesn't it? That's what I thought, and vowed, that come rain or shine, I would do just that. So far this fall, I haven't averaged 15 minutes a week. My excuse? I didn't want to start anything until the dresser was done. No more excuses. Maybe I can show you some sewing in the next blog. Thanks for the inspiration Sweetheart!
P.S. I kind of regret not tying in some blue-green, but I am already thinking about the pine bench in the bedroom that my friend Jackie rescued from the Big Lake Elementary. Maybe it ought to be blue-green! I have to think about it.


  1. I absolutely love it! Whimsical, interesting and unique....perfect. Thanks for posting all the steps to the finished product; that was fun, too.

    Maybe you could do one for Grandma.

  2. Rosie,
    You did a great job. Move over J. Wilde's. I think she's done work for the White House so here we come. My comments haven't been posting so I'll try this again. cactus

  3. Cactus? Do you actually think this prez would like my work?

  4. Fantastic!! What an artistic flare that is inside of you! I am so impressed! I am such a "follow the pattern, don't change the basic structure!!" It is great!! I give you 10 stars!!
    That is much too good for the White House!

    Pizazz! That is what you have! I just love it!
    Hug the grandie for me!