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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Texas Tech Football...

I haven't been in Jones Stadium since June 2003 when the Farmer's Wife, Jennifer, and myself found a gate open, and slipped in for a few pictures. Well, let me tell you, things have changed since that last visit! I felt like Rudy's mother when she finally got to go to the Notre Dame stadium in that famous movie. The "Goin' Band from Raiderland" is still flashy, and the best in the Southwest (if not the whole USA). That hasn't changed. The Masked Rider doesn't turn the black horse loose anymore. Back "in the day" that horse galloped around the field as fast as he dared go. Now, there is so much stuff on the side line there is no room to run, but the black horse and Masked Rider are still our pride.Here is the tunnel where the Tech players enter the field.

There were over 57,000 fans in the stadium (and no telling how many outside sitting by their coolers).

Lots of cheer leading going on.

The big screen on the north end shows the re-plays, announcements, advertisements, and yell leaders giving the crowd the cue for noise.


This is the south end of the stadium where the band sits, the Double T scoreboard, and the dome of the athletic complex is in the background.

Here is the west end of the stadium, and the sky walk over Marsha Sharp Freeway. Parking for the games is a big deal, now; we parked on the north side of the freeway for $25, and took the walk way to get to the stadium. Other people parked and walked 45 minutes, or if they could, took a bus to the stadium. Tech has had a major rebuilding project going since we were there in 2003, and they are still not done with the stadium. The east end is under construction, and if the Farmer's Wife, and Jennifer could see it now, they would swear it looks like the United Spirit Arena on the inside-- TV monitors everywhere in the covered area beside the stadium. Tech played terrible, and let the Aggies beat us (a terrible let down because the Aggies haven't beat us in years). I am not going to make excuses--A&M showed up to play and Tech didn't! Next, I will give you a glimpse of the tail gating that goes on everywhere outside, so get ready.


  1. I can hardly stand it! Jen and I have been talking about how one of our life's goals is to get to a Red Raiders game. Can't believe they're STILL working on the stadium! And I'm sad they don't let the horse run, anymore.

    Thanks for the pictures, and I wish like the dickens that I had been there.

  2. Oh, how I wish you and Jen could be here too! Next year! It has been six years since you girls were here, and it seems only yesterday. The campus has changed since you were here, and will continue to evolve. Tech is one of the finest schools in the USA, and what a campus! It has one of the largest land areas, which made it impossible for me to get from the coluseum to the Home Ec. building on time. I will get ready for your visit.

  3. Great pictures, Rosie!! Do you ever think we will get to Texas while we are still ambulatory???

    My other Roberta said she would get us ALL OVER Texas if we would just get down there!!

  4. Friend of Farmer and Mary. Enjoyed the pictures of the stadium and the campus. Was there in 1990 and toured around was thinking about going to school there. Met Spike Dyke. Ended up going to school in Kansas. Enjoyed the tour though. I pull for Tech except for one game out of the year. Sorry!! Enjoyed your blog.

  5. There are a couple reasons why they don't let the run around as much. A referee was knocked unconscious in 1992 when the horse hit him (probably wasn't calling the game fairly.) The second incident was the death of the horse, Double T in 1994. While the Masked Rider was riding, a strap on the saddle slipped and she was thrown (Supposedly the saddle-maker was an Aggie.) The horse panicked and tried to exit the stadium via the players tunnel. It slipped and hit the concrete wall, dying instantly. In the fourth picture, on the big TV, you can see a player touching the bronze saddle that was placed in remembrance of Double T, all Masked Riders, and the horses. The players touch the saddle for luck on their way to the field.

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