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Monday, October 12, 2009

Kids on the Warpath!

Way out there in West Texas, among the mesquites and greasewood, there is a little town, named Iraan, and Iraan has a pretty nice golf course, considering obstacles like rocks and dry heat, drouth and more drouth.
Every year the school has a cross country meet on the golf course, and schools from as far as Presidio come to run the course. Boys participate in this athletic event (3 mile run), but it is mainly a girl sport, designed to get them in shape for basket ball. Here they are starting on their 2 mile journey.
Iraan's mascots are the Braves, and Bravettes, so the name of the trackmeet is the.....
The weather was in the 50's that morning, but the kids were still sweating when they came across the finish line. Our girls won the whole thing, and that is pretty darned good for a "little six-man school!" Way to go girls!

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  1. How politically incorrect! Wonderful!
    Congratulations to your cross country girls. Look at how green...