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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Homecoming Week Festivities

The day ended with a red sky, and one heck of a bonfire. Cheerleaders, a community band, football players, and lots of fans all gathered together on Knob Hill to see it burn, and get fired up for Friday night.

Kids gather all sorts of wood for the fire, and the county boys helped out by piling dead trees on the stack. The boys stay up at night to guard the wood just in case a neighboring rival decides to slip in to town and burn it before Wednesday night. The volunteer fire department is always on hand when the fire is lit, and they stay until it burns down.

The cheerleaders always plan "theme" days during homecoming week, and this is "my hero"day. Bible Girl runs track and plays basketball, and

this is one of the senior football players, and
there were several supermen and supergirls running around school. This one is a cheerleader and basketball player. Each class has part of the school to decorate. Tomorrow kids have signed up to beat the drum continuously until time for the game. Lots of tradition--that's what makes homecoming special. We play 6 man football now, because our population has dwindled since Roberto was in school. It is a fast and exciting game, and we have won all our games this year.
Today was "your favorite team" day, and I just had to get a shot of this jersey. This is one junior that knows how to pick a team. Of course, her dad and mom graduated from Tech, so naturally she is a Raider fan. The weather is just beautiful now--perfect for football. We have two exchange students enrolled for the year. One girl from Germany and one girl from Sweden, both juniors. They don't have all this football, and bonfire stuff at their school, but they like it. Man, what a culture shock to come to the West Texas desert. Won't they have some stories to tell when they get back!

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  1. I had forgotten how fun Spirit Week was, and I always loved the bonfires. Here in the Montana sticks, it's usually cold enough at homecoming that we NEED the bonfire!

    So it's a big football weekend for all of West Texas, isn't it? I have all my Red Raider paraphenelia packed, including my blanket to wave when Tech scores. I hope there's a virtual windstorm....