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Friday, September 11, 2009

Red orange, and aqua on hot red violet..

Progress is slow!!!!!!! I have put more coats of paint on this drawer than I care to remember, just to cover up ideas that didn't work. Tonight I decided to do bubbles as a last resort, hoping to cover up purple leopard spots that showed through that hot pink paint. When I got done it looked so....unfinished. In desperation I got out the black paint, and did the little curls inside the bubbles. Actually, I am OK with it, and that is a good feeling. Now, on to the next one! This is the end of the first three weeks of school, grades go out to parents next week, and the principal is going to start his informal walk throughs! We have had about 2 1/2 inches of rain, and it has started to cool off. Today, I thought about what I was doing eight years ago, and have been praying it never happens again. Have a good weekend.


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  2. Yeah, me and Pedro...the first to comment on your drawers....

    You are doing such cool things with this! Won't it be fun to open it up and see those colors?! Can't wait to see the whole, finished bureau!

  3. Your inner self is shouting to be let out! That is so cool!!!