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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sewing bee...

Yesterday I went to my son and daughter-in-law's house to help sew nursery things. Here is Marina hard at it. Marina, Kathy (her mom), and I were the team, and we worked all day until we got it done--bumper pads, curtain, bed skirt. Now, that may not sound like a whole lot, but just wait until you see what it involved.
Kathy and I are working out our strategy for the bed skirt. It takes lots of figuring and experimenting when there is no pattern.
Kathy has the bed skirt under control.
Marina is really good at using the rotary cutter.
Kathy and I wrestled with the bumper pad. Did you know that they have pre-made bumper pads? All you do is make the covering. We did one contiuous tube instead of making it in sections, and that meant a lot of work getting six sections poked down into the casing.
Marina is very relieved that we got it done, and that the nursery is nearly ready. Hope you like it, Marina, because you will be spending a lot of time in this room!
Kathy and I were amazed it came together in one day. It was lots of fun, and I am so happy we can sew. There is a little business in town that custom makes bumper pads, sheets, and the works (you pick the fabric) for about $800! We had a blast and saved a ton of money. So the moral of this story is--learn to sew, and then be creative.


  1. Marina... you look beautiful! Bert, you sew beautifully! It is all gorgeous! Great work and we'll be excited to hear about the arrival of your new grandbaby!

  2. Marina--you hardly look pregnant! You are radiating! Rosie, I am so impressed with all that sewing!! It is gorgeous. The fun part is being together!
    It will be so exciting when the baby comes!

  3. I sewed the curtains and crib skirt for Maggie's room, and have done bumper pads for other about a lot of WORK! Yours look classier, though, way classier!

    Gosh I wish I could've been there, cutting and hemming! And taking photos. Marina is looking so good, and the grammies don't look old enough to be grammies, I'm thinking.

    Sending hugs from Montana, to you. (I can hardly STAND waiting for that little Stanaland!!!!)

  4. Rosie,
    You West Texas girls are very creative. Where are the bullfrongs and cowboys? Do we have a name for that baby?
    Yall should go into the business!!! Cactus