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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time is running out!

As I came to the school marquee during my morning walk, reality hit. Teachers, and or course, students have only a few days of leisure left (actually teachers go back the 17th). When I went to the Big Dry School I would actually get sick at the thoughts of going back. At least it isn't that bad anymore. I spent the weekend "dogsitting" Lola and Snoopy while my son and daughter-in-law went to visit family. Here is Lola bringing me her "baby." She looks sort of mean, but she is very loving, and sort of a chicken. I didn't a good picture of the Chihuahua named Snoopy, but he is very dear, and likes to sleep with you. Then on Monday, I spent all day running around Odessa going to all the doctors. Odessa is quite different from Midland; some parts make me think I am South of the Border. It has better Mexican food than Midland; I am sure you already had that figured out!

This grocery store advertises that it will also wire money, and take food stamps.
Pinkies sign in Odessa.Here is a pasture south of Midland. This picture just doesn't do it justice, because the amount of cactus is amazing! The good thing is, cactus doesn't take much water, and the grass is green after the late rains we have had. You don't see many mesquites in this pasture, so I think maybe they tree plowed it years ago, and in the process scattered prickly pear all over it, and here it is--cactus everywhere. Now I am going to school to see what kind of mess my room is in.


  1. I remember those days...when I decided to stay home from teaching 6 years ago, it was the first time in 26 years I didn't need to "get ready for school" in one fashion or another. I always liked going into the empty school building and finding the smell of freshly waxed floors and empty lockers just waiting for the rush of voices and footsteps. Have a great year!

  2. Send me somma that Mexican food! MMMM! But keep the cactus.

    Lola is such a character! A really LARGE character....

    I may be just crazy, but I looked forward to school every year, even when I taught. I loved the fresh start. We were all even, that way. I like new crayons, crisp workbooks and lunchboxes with hidden wonders. It was such an optimistic week, before everyone got on each other's nerves and before we had to start the big homework and correcting.

    I'm sending my baby to school this fall, and I'm excited for her. Someone asked me if I was going to cry, and I had not ever even thought of it.

    Get yourself some new crayons! And a cute lunchbox. AND wear red shoes on the first day. They are lucky, you know.

  3. I think you will cry when you drop Maggie off just because it is a new milestone, and your life will change. It is a good change. AS for the first day, I think I will show up in my Iron Maiden uniform and lay down the law to those senior boys! I have to find it first!