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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School has kicked off, and summer is still here!

There were at least three of these beautiful butterflies on the Mexican Sunflower when I got home today. They are frantic for the nectar, and don't seem to notice me. Their numbers have increased, too.
We have had two days of school--assemblies, schedule changes, computer problems, but we are up and running. Yesterday my feet hurt too badly to do anything but crash in the recliner when I got home. Today is better, and tomorrow we will all be in the groove. I am going to oversee two dual credit courses from Midland College, and am actually looking forward to English 1301, and history 1301. These are juniors who have not had college classes yet, so I am taking notes and preparing study questions for them. I also have two special ed. math classes with kids to prepare for the state assemssment so they can graduate, and textiles and apparel (the easiest one for me). More about school later.


  1. What beautiful butterflies. I love butterflies. Thanks so much for your comment on my post of Sew Retro.

  2. Oh, isn't the first couple of weeks of school just brutal? It's hot, everyone is still struggling with having a schedule again, and nobody's brains have kicked in yet.

    It's almost the weekend! You're almost there!

    Those butterflies are lovely, and the Mexican sunflower is, too!

  3. The butterflies are just gorgeous! I love your butterfly pictures!

    You will find the groove for work! The days will fly by and soon the baby will be here!
    Miss you!